Biochemistry and Consciousness and their Effect on Relationships

This week I have had several significant conversations with various groups of people in my life on topics that have come to the intersection of conscious choices and the influence of biochemistry on how we experience life. One conversation was about sexual orientation and other conversations were about physical addictions. Both sexual orientation and the dynamics of addiction have multiple influences, unique to each individual. However, the piece of the conversations that I came away lit up to write about in both of these life conditions is about awareness and appreciation for the raw power of biochemistry. Where an individual’s physiological biochemistry is in play, changing feelings and  behaviors simply by conscious choice is highly unlikely without decisive training such as yogis practice. In many individual cases would be impossible changing behaviors fueled by biochemistry as a component takes support on multiple levels to change over time.. This means, for example, that for people whose sexual hormones are stacked significantly stronger toward same-sex attraction, trying to foster organic, honest feelings of heterosexuality would be a mighty and most likely losing battle. By this same token, when a person has become physically addicted to a substance, such as nicotine or any mind-altering chemical, trying to change the behavior by consciously deciding not to engage the substance, alone, is probably not going to happen long-term, without multi-level support. Why is that?
On the face of things, for someone who has never battled with something happening in their body that is not preferable, which actually applies to long-term depression for example, as well. It can seem almost impossible to really understand. But, taking a closer look at human experiences, we do actually all know what it is like when biochemistry is driving our feelings and actions, and we are powerless to stop it. I acknowledge, there is always the rare exception. However, if you have ever had a stout bout with a stomach virus, with throwing up and/or the runs, this will be where you find your understanding for what is in play for the vast majority of people who are living influenced by biochemical components in the conditions of their lives. For someone who is addicted to nicotine, suggesting that they should “just quit” is just like asking them not to throw up when the urge is pressing. It comes from the same level of systems in the body, where we no longer have conscious control. And, this of course, is just one example. This could be plugged in to any of the conditions in which biochemistry plays a role.
It is not that these influences make change hopeless or impossible, but awareness of this and understanding is principle to that paths of productive relationships and peace with each other and how we come to our choices.


Spirit’s Sense of Humor and a Lesson in Co-Creation

Hi Everybody, 
This week, yesterday as I was preparing dinner actually, my husband and I experienced an immediate demonstration, AND it was an immediate demonstration with a twist of Spirit’s sense of humor.
Before I share the story, I want to share a pearl of wisdom from Deepak Chopra that I have been practicing that I felt was reflected in the way the immediate-ness of this unfolded. Deepak suggests that when we are setting intentions for what we are choosing that once we come to the clarity of what we want and declare, beyond that we engage the thought as though walking amid soap bubbles wit
hout breaking them–just that gently.
So, last night as I was putting together individual salads, with different dressings for each of us, my husband came up in a particularly playful mood. As I was preparing to pour one of the dressings on a salad, he was mocking different motions to cause me to jump as the dressing was pouring. I put the breaks on, setting down the bottle and saying I had the sensation of sailing over a bump in a car without shocks. I declared if I permitted it, the dressing would fly up out of the bottle and land everywhere.
We cracked up laughing together and he strutted off triumphantly.
I had momentarily turned my attention to another task, knowing if I did he would leave. With him out of the kitchen, I turned back to the dressing. I lifted the bottle by the neck and gave it a vigorous shaking. Before I knew what was happening the lid popped up and off under the pressure of dressing driving upward like volcanic lava. True to my Word spoken just moments before, the dressing was summarily a huge mess across my counter! I was simultaneously shocked, AMAZED and immediately laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.
I called Vernon to come out and share the moment with me saying he wouldn’t believe it. While it was hilarious to us, we both knew, too, that learning how quickly exactly the scenario we had just painted with our words manifested could be a powerful lesson. Certainly, it was because we were playing around that the thought was so gently and completely released. We are committing to each other to practice doing that together with our deeper intentions. 

Another Life Example from Synchrodestiny Book Study – Entrainment

Hi Everybody,

Here is a wonderful example of how personal intention and coincidence fuel sychronicities, which can grow to enfold the experiences of countless people, growing to become transformative Synchrodestiny. This example is shared with permission. In my experience, it began when a particular person scheduled with me for this past Saturday to do a sacred ceremony around moving to the next level in her life. To close the ceremony, I was inspired to sing to her a particular Inner Child song. The next day in Sunday Celebration service, my minister, Rev. Carolyn, was sharing with us about revelations she had come to from a conference she had just returned from. In the flow of this she was inspired to sing to all of us the very same Inner Child song I had sung less than 24 hours before. Carolyn shared that she was moved to sing it to us because it had been sung to a group she was in at the conference and it had so opened her heart, she wanted us to experience it, too. When I heard it I just wanted to soar! I contacted the woman I had done the ceremony with and told her was an incredible energetic confirmation had just come through that song.

And now, for the purpose of continuing to pass it on and allow it to expand, it goes like this

How could anyone ever tell you, you are anything less than beautiful? How could anyone ever tell you, you are less than whole? How could anyone fail to notice that your loving is a miracle? You are so connected to my soul!

You just sing it round after round, for as long as it feels right — looking into someone’s eyes (even your own eyes in the mirror) is especially effective.

Awesome Blossoms!



First Demonstration from Synchrodestiny Book Study

Yesterday one of the participants in our SynchroDestiny group reported that on the morning following our first meeting she was going to an appointment in an area that is challenged for parking. She said to herself and to Spirit, “I intend to get the best parking place there is.” When she got there, sure enough, the best spot she could imagine opened up for her, and it was the last one available at that moment for her size car. This was followed up it happening for to additional consecutive days in a row. She said, “I am just in awe!” I told her, “You have only just begun.” It was on this “third day in row” that she called to tell me about it. I’m waiting to hear if there is more following.

Pre- and Perinatal Education Program Launched

I am so excited! The Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health is launching their Birth Educator Certification Program! This is the next most significant opportunity of my life, in line with my personal passion and my Soul’s contract for being here. It is what I am here to do, and I could not be happier to have this chance, in this way to make it official. My deepest conviction is that the work that the association (APPPAH) does is a major key to long-term resolution to so many of the challenges facing humanity. We absolutely can do it — the key to establishing systems that work and will work long term for our future generations is to begin at the beginning–Conception and Birth. And, these impacts can be honored and worked with at any age. I encourage everyone to check out the Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health on facebook, or their website at And, for reflection and discussion; what do you know about your birth story? And, how do you imagine it might have influenced your feelings and beliefs?

I just can’t wait to see what’s next . . .

SynchroDestiny Testimonial and Book Study Begins Tonight 10-15-62

Blessings Be — Today, October 15th,  is my 51st Birthday, and I could not be a happier girl. Two days ago marked the one-year anniversary of the release of my book, Call Me Victoria, and I am delighting in the countless connections being made and relationships being built as an outcropping of the book. And, tonight at 8:00 pm EST, I am so excited to be launching the book study telebridge on SynchroDestiny. Over this last week there have been so many synchronistic unfoldings, it is hard to know which to share. However, there is one that has elements that honor all that has been in the past leading up to now, which I have gotten permission to share with you: When I first started building the Centers for Spiritual Living group here, early 2007, one of the first persons to come and check it out was Anna.  Anna is a mover and a shaker. She shares what she knows is available to resource people with everyone she knows. By this, Louisville Center has been abundantly blessed, as many new people we meet discover us through Anna. When I first met Anna, she hired me for ongoing Practitioner support for about four months. Her desire was for a committed life partner, which she had been calling for in prayer for a long time. Yet, it had not come about in her experience. As we worked together, we both got completely clear that this would come about in her experience, trusting the process unfolding. So, now fast forward to just a few days ago, Tuesday, October 8.  I am at the Louisville Esoteric Society giving a presentation on my book, focused on pre- and perinatal consciousness influences in my story. In walks Anna, with her beloved, Jim. Over the years I had known about Jim, and that they were a couple, but now Anna was just shining when we made eye contact. She said, “Vicky, we’ve getting married this Saturday, October 12! I’m so glad I get to see you now to tell you this.” I said, Oh my, Anna — what is even more awesome on top is that October 12 is my Wedding Anniversary; on the day the you marry, I will be celebrating my 17th anniversary with my husband, Vernon.” Don’t you know, she and I stood there with both Jim and Vernon watching the moment. We laughed and hugged and laughed some more.

So, this is the way SynchroDestiny works — exactly what will unfold, and the timing of it can be a complete mystery –sometimes a baffling mystery– but it is simply awesome and life-changing. If you would like to join this opportunity by Telebridge, at 8:00 pm Eastern time dial 712 432 3100, then enter group access code 809778. All you need is a phone, Not by computer. Join on weeks that you can, and no worries if you can’t be there. This is designed to be free-flowing and on going. You can email me for the link to the book.



Louisville Esoteric Society Group Rocks!

Last night I presented the groundbreaking DVD on infant consciousness, Babies Know . . . Seven Principles of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology, and it was a great success. The information was openly received and the discussion was rich. For my readers here, “prenatal” speaks to gestation and “perinatal” speaks to birth and first experiences immediately after birth. We talked about how the body stores and recalls those earliest impressions and the profound levels of Compassion that this level of awareness calls for. We need profound compassion for every baby born into our culture, making way for them to maximize their natural-born potential by developing in environments of unconditional love. In this same way, we need profound unconditional love and compassion for ourselves.

The Louisville Esoteric Society is all about bringing topics for forward-thinking of all kinds to people seeking to improve their lives and the lives of everyone in their world. They sponsor new presenters on two Tuesdays of each month. Check them out.

Speaking at Louisville Esoteric Society October 8, 2013

Hi Everybody,

Tomorrow evening it is my privilege to be presenting, The Impacts of Infancy on Our Experiences: Understanding the Significance of Infant Consciousness, for the Louisville Esoteric Society, from 6:30 pm to 8:15 pm. For the full scoop, including directions, see their fabulous website at There will be a DVD presentation, followed by an in depth discussion about how this information can transform lives. I believe this understanding is the basis for what it will take to bring Humanity back into balance with Nature, so that we can strike the guidance from within ourselves to create a world that works.



Resolutions in the Wisdom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Everyone I know today is aware in some way that, as a society, we have many more pressing problems than we have solutions. And, with everything changing at an email pace, it seems as though there is not nearly the time called for to discover or develop the solutions we need. When I have asked myself what is at the fulcrum of this destructive cycle, and what perpetuates it, I recognize consistently that a vast majority of people today are living with, or we might say managing, some level of fear.

Fear naturally drives people and effects thoughts and behaviors in response to life that would be different, otherwise. It is one of the most powerful motivators in primal survival. With all the complex ways that human beings have come to be able to think, feel, act and create, and with the advanced technologies that support our environments, it is all too easy to forget that we are primally wired, but we are. A person can live in the finest house, surrounded by all the latest gadgets in the world, and if that person’s life is feeling threatened, thoughts and actions will be reactive and instinct will override reflective thought, literally, in a heart beat.

A good structural analyst in any field will tell you that systems or structures are only as strong as the weakest link. This means that maximizing the greatest potentials in the world to create something in the top ninety percent of anything will only hold integrity to the level of the founding ten percent. If the individuals who make up the people of a society are living from basic fears at the foundation of their current values, thus making their decisions based on those influences, there is no way our people can build a momentum of maximizing potentials individually or as a society. Sure, intelligence and drive may demonstrate brilliant success like flashes in a pan. But, in the long-term, potentials will meet their measure at the level of the foundation, and everything built higher than that is bound to fall like a house of cards.

If we want positive changes in our world that will last, if we truly care about the legacy we are leaving generations to come, one key consideration simply must be dialing down fear and the seemingly countless sources of fear that permeate our culture now.