SynchroDestiny Testimonial and Book Study Begins Tonight 10-15-62

Blessings Be — Today, October 15th,  is my 51st Birthday, and I could not be a happier girl. Two days ago marked the one-year anniversary of the release of my book, Call Me Victoria, and I am delighting in the countless connections being made and relationships being built as an outcropping of the book. And, tonight at 8:00 pm EST, I am so excited to be launching the book study telebridge on SynchroDestiny. Over this last week there have been so many synchronistic unfoldings, it is hard to know which to share. However, there is one that has elements that honor all that has been in the past leading up to now, which I have gotten permission to share with you: When I first started building the Centers for Spiritual Living group here, early 2007, one of the first persons to come and check it out was Anna.  Anna is a mover and a shaker. She shares what she knows is available to resource people with everyone she knows. By this, Louisville Center has been abundantly blessed, as many new people we meet discover us through Anna. When I first met Anna, she hired me for ongoing Practitioner support for about four months. Her desire was for a committed life partner, which she had been calling for in prayer for a long time. Yet, it had not come about in her experience. As we worked together, we both got completely clear that this would come about in her experience, trusting the process unfolding. So, now fast forward to just a few days ago, Tuesday, October 8.  I am at the Louisville Esoteric Society giving a presentation on my book, focused on pre- and perinatal consciousness influences in my story. In walks Anna, with her beloved, Jim. Over the years I had known about Jim, and that they were a couple, but now Anna was just shining when we made eye contact. She said, “Vicky, we’ve getting married this Saturday, October 12! I’m so glad I get to see you now to tell you this.” I said, Oh my, Anna — what is even more awesome on top is that October 12 is my Wedding Anniversary; on the day the you marry, I will be celebrating my 17th anniversary with my husband, Vernon.” Don’t you know, she and I stood there with both Jim and Vernon watching the moment. We laughed and hugged and laughed some more.

So, this is the way SynchroDestiny works — exactly what will unfold, and the timing of it can be a complete mystery –sometimes a baffling mystery– but it is simply awesome and life-changing. If you would like to join this opportunity by Telebridge, at 8:00 pm Eastern time dial 712 432 3100, then enter group access code 809778. All you need is a phone, Not by computer. Join on weeks that you can, and no worries if you can’t be there. This is designed to be free-flowing and on going. You can email me for the link to the book.