A Context for Infinite Creation and Transformation

This is about how the mathematical universe / the spiritual universe / the quantum universe / the emotional universe / and the physical universe correlate and mirror each other. And how these understandings applied to conscious use of the law open up limitless potentials for co creation. All along the way, sustaining the balance of light and shadow and gain with loss is important to remember. I am coming to understand that each of these I just named as “universes” are dimensions. In addition to these dimensions, there are what we commonly

In each dimension, the law sustains reality within prescribed limits. For example, one-dimensional stick figures cannot get up and walk off a page within the limits of the dimension in which they have form. In order for the stick figure to become any more than flat on a page, the elements of the stick figure must develop the conditions which engage second and third dimension properties of the law. If the creator of the stick figure knows how to do this, either consciously or unconsciously, the stick figure can be made in Gumby or a fully three-dimensonal doll with ease.

Each time the function of law in one dimension collides with the function of law in another dimension an “event horizon” develops. This means pure potential is moving into form with ever-increasing complexity and order. (Harmon and Troward)
Examples of the collision are events like conception, or when a creature is jettisoned out of their status quo environment and thrust into an environment that operates according to a different rule of law. (the Chipmunk on the sidewalk)
When a form operating in a particular dimension is able to expand and adapt to the introduction of the new dimension, the next level of complexity and order is created and sustained. If not, the creational forces dissipate and the present opportunity is lost, only to take the next opportunity to come around again.

As a conscious co-creator, when we can recognize at what level the various aspects of a creation we desire to bring together are starting from, and we can consciously direct each aspect from the level of alignment that it will resonate with, preparing it for the expansion and greater complexity, then we can navigate the process of co-creation with awe and wonder, but less and less the bumps and bruises that can happen in any new venture along the way.

If an event horizon develops, but the entity generating the event horizon is unprepared for the loss that will occur in the process of embracing what is gained, the manifestation may fail immediately, or the manifestation may occur and then be lost again because the field for it to stabilize in was out of balance, due to the inability of the generator to integrate the loss involved.

Here is an example to remember: In the event of Masada, when the Romans initially advanced to burn down the fortress, in a moment of true spiritual manifestation of protection, the wind changed and the invaders became recipients of their own blaze. This kept Masada from being taken of a period of time, but it was not sustained. The leader of Masada knew, from both physics and spiritual knowledge, that the wind would change again, and his people must make their next best choice to prepare for that. Thus, they elected to take their own lives before God, rather than be forced into slavery by the Romans. Had the spiritual moment of the wind changing to drive the Romans down been sustained at an even greater dimension event horizon, it would not only have been that the wind had changed, but something else would have happened to drive the Romans away, permanently—in addition, the operation of law at this level would have achieved the result without need of any Romans dying, either.

Now I am at the place of taking this information and applying it to the structure and function of my brain to repair itself. It came to me long ago that the structural repair of my neurological system is at a binary level. Now I am getting that is is about revealing my original binary homeostasis, with the whole processes being directed from the spiritual dimension of the highest order, in order that the results be sustainable long-term. This would entail that all the dimensions, with their corresponding order of law, are enfolding into the total picture, encompassing everything between binary physiological and Mystical Spirit.

Yes, I totally know it is possible for this to occur without my processing it in this way. When I was ten years old I declared my choice not only to embrace healing transformation, but to know what I did to align myself with that event so that I can pass my experience of it to others seeking similar transformation. I am open to insights any of you might have

In the days immediately following the above thoughts I came into an understanding on a visceral level that within every single engagement in life, within every moment of every opportunity we are presented with choices for our continued learning and our continued crafting of quality of life. The reason world scriptures intimate “judge not and ye shall not be judged is, on a cause/effect level, because we reflect ourselves in our view of others, yes. But, at an even purer spiritual level the scripture is a dictate of Truth first because there is no judgement. There is simply the infinitely awesome experience of Being, and what we choose to make of it

A Message Through Our Modern-Day Gladiators

We live in an unlimited universe. So, what is the deal with financial resourcing for a plethora of needs on individual, family and societal levels being in increasingly short supply in fundamental areas like education, healthcare and clutural arts? One need only look so far as this week’s Mayweather/Paquiano boxing match or any given year’s Superbowl to see it. And, one need only be able to accept the rudimentary psychological truths reflected through them to see how very simply adds up. The good news is no one need stress themselves over grasping the king pin keys to the problem. The bad news is Americans, along with most other country’s citizens are seriously going to have to literally pull together to change it.
Am I saying that people enjoying contact sports is responsible for the ills of the world? No, I am not. I am saying that the realities of the dynamics of the world of contact sports like these two examples reveal the underlying principle driving problems generating our ills. A majority of people in my experience are beginning to see that are dramatically increasing challenges must be addresssed if we are not to become the greatest society to burn itself out since the Roman Empire. I am paining one picture of what I believe it will take to do it with sustainability. Why have I chosen this week’s fight as my opportunity to express this now? It is estimated that this one single sporting event generated in range of two hundred million dollars. The problem of financial resourcing in our society as a whole is not due to any lack of available funding; it is about what we are collectively drawn to invest our money in.
All that money has been amassed one ticket and one pay-per-view customer at a time. So, does that mean that individuals should not look forward to and pay to see the next sporting event that strikes their fancy? This is a question that can only be answered by each person. It is a matter of being aware of our priorities and especially what it is that inspires us to choose the priorities we do with the money we have to spend. It is not a matter of saying that people should not enjoy watching sports, necessarily. It is a matter of asking ourselves why we clearly collectively will pay a great deal more money a great deal faster to see humans competing against humans than we will to build pristine, well-resourced education systems to insure that our children are able to build healthy relationships and function in the world in ways that insure survival and the promise of joy in living.
Despite all the ways in which most of us would rather deny it on a daily basis, human beings most base default program is to compete rather than to cooperate. Generally, individually and collectively, there is a strong drive to “win,” to feel the gratification of winning. Why do we want to feel the sense of winning? On a primal level “winning” insures survival. On an everyday basis, this is the piece that most people I know would argue. People tend to want to think and feel that surely they personally have higher ideals, and that collectively humans are beings of ideals higher than that. Interestingly, this piece tends to be equally true in both the evolutionist and the creationist camps; either we’ve evolved past it, or we were created greater than all the other survival-wired creatures from the beginning. The black and white facts are, collectively, we are much quicker to want to prove we are on the winning team, than on the team in which our small donation to any one of a million causes, such as school-building, added up cooperatively to insure our true long-term survival today.
Does the fact that it is a natural drive to fulfill our base programming of competition first mean that we must act from that place? No. But, it is only by keeping awareness of it and consciously making other choices –according to priorities first– that we can begin to create collective human experiences dominated by success in collective cooperation, with competitive drives becoming secondary.
In closing, for now, if you want to check this out for yourself rather than deciding anything about this just because I said it, stop and notice this week places and times in your life where you have enjoyed the feeling of “winning.” Then ask yourself if the basis of the triumph was cooperative or competitive. The key is cooperation brings people together and builds; competition separates and divides. Both dynamics are progressive. Left without checks and balances, the dynamics fueling competition will escalate to destruction. There is a place and time for both of these dynamics according to priorities, checks and balances. It is critically important that each choice is made consciously, one person, one opportunity at a time.


Biochemistry and Consciousness and their Effect on Relationships

This week I have had several significant conversations with various groups of people in my life on topics that have come to the intersection of conscious choices and the influence of biochemistry on how we experience life. One conversation was about sexual orientation and other conversations were about physical addictions. Both sexual orientation and the dynamics of addiction have multiple influences, unique to each individual. However, the piece of the conversations that I came away lit up to write about in both of these life conditions is about awareness and appreciation for the raw power of biochemistry. Where an individual’s physiological biochemistry is in play, changing feelings and  behaviors simply by conscious choice is highly unlikely without decisive training such as yogis practice. In many individual cases would be impossible changing behaviors fueled by biochemistry as a component takes support on multiple levels to change over time.. This means, for example, that for people whose sexual hormones are stacked significantly stronger toward same-sex attraction, trying to foster organic, honest feelings of heterosexuality would be a mighty and most likely losing battle. By this same token, when a person has become physically addicted to a substance, such as nicotine or any mind-altering chemical, trying to change the behavior by consciously deciding not to engage the substance, alone, is probably not going to happen long-term, without multi-level support. Why is that?
On the face of things, for someone who has never battled with something happening in their body that is not preferable, which actually applies to long-term depression for example, as well. It can seem almost impossible to really understand. But, taking a closer look at human experiences, we do actually all know what it is like when biochemistry is driving our feelings and actions, and we are powerless to stop it. I acknowledge, there is always the rare exception. However, if you have ever had a stout bout with a stomach virus, with throwing up and/or the runs, this will be where you find your understanding for what is in play for the vast majority of people who are living influenced by biochemical components in the conditions of their lives. For someone who is addicted to nicotine, suggesting that they should “just quit” is just like asking them not to throw up when the urge is pressing. It comes from the same level of systems in the body, where we no longer have conscious control. And, this of course, is just one example. This could be plugged in to any of the conditions in which biochemistry plays a role.
It is not that these influences make change hopeless or impossible, but awareness of this and understanding is principle to that paths of productive relationships and peace with each other and how we come to our choices.


Spirit’s Sense of Humor and a Lesson in Co-Creation

Hi Everybody, 
This week, yesterday as I was preparing dinner actually, my husband and I experienced an immediate demonstration, AND it was an immediate demonstration with a twist of Spirit’s sense of humor.
Before I share the story, I want to share a pearl of wisdom from Deepak Chopra that I have been practicing that I felt was reflected in the way the immediate-ness of this unfolded. Deepak suggests that when we are setting intentions for what we are choosing that once we come to the clarity of what we want and declare, beyond that we engage the thought as though walking amid soap bubbles wit
hout breaking them–just that gently.
So, last night as I was putting together individual salads, with different dressings for each of us, my husband came up in a particularly playful mood. As I was preparing to pour one of the dressings on a salad, he was mocking different motions to cause me to jump as the dressing was pouring. I put the breaks on, setting down the bottle and saying I had the sensation of sailing over a bump in a car without shocks. I declared if I permitted it, the dressing would fly up out of the bottle and land everywhere.
We cracked up laughing together and he strutted off triumphantly.
I had momentarily turned my attention to another task, knowing if I did he would leave. With him out of the kitchen, I turned back to the dressing. I lifted the bottle by the neck and gave it a vigorous shaking. Before I knew what was happening the lid popped up and off under the pressure of dressing driving upward like volcanic lava. True to my Word spoken just moments before, the dressing was summarily a huge mess across my counter! I was simultaneously shocked, AMAZED and immediately laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.
I called Vernon to come out and share the moment with me saying he wouldn’t believe it. While it was hilarious to us, we both knew, too, that learning how quickly exactly the scenario we had just painted with our words manifested could be a powerful lesson. Certainly, it was because we were playing around that the thought was so gently and completely released. We are committing to each other to practice doing that together with our deeper intentions. 

Resolutions in the Wisdom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Everyone I know today is aware in some way that, as a society, we have many more pressing problems than we have solutions. And, with everything changing at an email pace, it seems as though there is not nearly the time called for to discover or develop the solutions we need. When I have asked myself what is at the fulcrum of this destructive cycle, and what perpetuates it, I recognize consistently that a vast majority of people today are living with, or we might say managing, some level of fear.

Fear naturally drives people and effects thoughts and behaviors in response to life that would be different, otherwise. It is one of the most powerful motivators in primal survival. With all the complex ways that human beings have come to be able to think, feel, act and create, and with the advanced technologies that support our environments, it is all too easy to forget that we are primally wired, but we are. A person can live in the finest house, surrounded by all the latest gadgets in the world, and if that person’s life is feeling threatened, thoughts and actions will be reactive and instinct will override reflective thought, literally, in a heart beat.

A good structural analyst in any field will tell you that systems or structures are only as strong as the weakest link. This means that maximizing the greatest potentials in the world to create something in the top ninety percent of anything will only hold integrity to the level of the founding ten percent. If the individuals who make up the people of a society are living from basic fears at the foundation of their current values, thus making their decisions based on those influences, there is no way our people can build a momentum of maximizing potentials individually or as a society. Sure, intelligence and drive may demonstrate brilliant success like flashes in a pan. But, in the long-term, potentials will meet their measure at the level of the foundation, and everything built higher than that is bound to fall like a house of cards.

If we want positive changes in our world that will last, if we truly care about the legacy we are leaving generations to come, one key consideration simply must be dialing down fear and the seemingly countless sources of fear that permeate our culture now.