Louisville Esoteric Society Group Rocks!

Last night I presented the groundbreaking DVD on infant consciousness, Babies Know . . . Seven Principles of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology, and it was a great success. The information was openly received and the discussion was rich. For my readers here, “prenatal” speaks to gestation and “perinatal” speaks to birth and first experiences immediately after birth. We talked about how the body stores and recalls those earliest impressions and the profound levels of Compassion that this level of awareness calls for. We need profound compassion for every baby born into our culture, making way for them to maximize their natural-born potential by developing in environments of unconditional love. In this same way, we need profound unconditional love and compassion for ourselves.

The Louisville Esoteric Society is all about bringing topics for forward-thinking of all kinds to people seeking to improve their lives and the lives of everyone in their world. They sponsor new presenters on two Tuesdays of each month. Check them out.

Speaking at Louisville Esoteric Society October 8, 2013

Hi Everybody,

Tomorrow evening it is my privilege to be presenting, The Impacts of Infancy on Our Experiences: Understanding the Significance of Infant Consciousness, for the Louisville Esoteric Society, from 6:30 pm to 8:15 pm. For the full scoop, including directions, see their fabulous website at www.louisvilleesotericsociety.com. There will be a DVD presentation, followed by an in depth discussion about how this information can transform lives. I believe this understanding is the basis for what it will take to bring Humanity back into balance with Nature, so that we can strike the guidance from within ourselves to create a world that works.