Unconditional Compassion and Opening Consciousness

I am inspired to share with you all a transcendent personal experience I had just a few days ago. It was a huge spiritual and human hands on education for me about Compassion creating a field of energy that Opens Consciousness and the senses. While I can’t go into great detail here just because of the space it would take, I will say that I have learned that actually both Compassion and Forgiveness are far more than practices in behavior and relationship / they are internal States of Being. When we actually reach an embodied State of Forgiveness and/or Compassion, the field that is generated is a phenomenon of Possibility in Consciousness that I have never experienced in any other way. It is a state of heightened awareness that definitely engages human senses globally, which is where I relate it to what Kate posted. My experience of this with Forgiveness was some years ago, now. My current experience involved pervasive, unconditional as part of some personal work that I am doing.
I managed to stay in compassion for a few hours, uninterrupted. Then I drifted off to sleep through meditation. When I woke up I had gone places and gotten insights and questions answered from a place I have never been before. It has inspired me to practice reaching for embodied Compassion and Forgiveness pervasively, regardless of appearances I do not understand from my human perspective.

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