Another Life Example from Synchrodestiny Book Study – Entrainment

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Here is a wonderful example of how personal intention and coincidence fuel sychronicities, which can grow to enfold the experiences of countless people, growing to become transformative Synchrodestiny. This example is shared with permission. In my experience, it began when a particular person scheduled with me for this past Saturday to do a sacred ceremony around moving to the next level in her life. To close the ceremony, I was inspired to sing to her a particular Inner Child song. The next day in Sunday Celebration service, my minister, Rev. Carolyn, was sharing with us about revelations she had come to from a conference she had just returned from. In the flow of this she was inspired to sing to all of us the very same Inner Child song I had sung less than 24 hours before. Carolyn shared that she was moved to sing it to us because it had been sung to a group she was in at the conference and it had so opened her heart, she wanted us to experience it, too. When I heard it I just wanted to soar! I contacted the woman I had done the ceremony with and told her was an incredible energetic confirmation had just come through that song.

And now, for the purpose of continuing to pass it on and allow it to expand, it goes like this

How could anyone ever tell you, you are anything less than beautiful? How could anyone ever tell you, you are less than whole? How could anyone fail to notice that your loving is a miracle? You are so connected to my soul!

You just sing it round after round, for as long as it feels right — looking into someone’s eyes (even your own eyes in the mirror) is especially effective.

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  1. On Oct. 20th, while Rev. Carolyn sang it to your congregation, it was being sung at the Asheville, NC CSL where I was attending. I love the way Spirit works.

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