Meditation Process an Awesome Metaphor for Life

In my experience, Spirit is reflecting back to us how Life works all around us. The principles of creation are replicated everywhere we turn when we practice knowing what to catch with our awareness. The other day, someone was giving themselves a hard time about why it seemed no matter how clearly they realize Spirit is All there is, still, she finds herself getting caught up in mundane concerns, and worried about practical details and outcomes. She said, “When I have “aha” moments, I am filled with certainty that I cannot be separated from the Source of All that Is. I don’t understand why I don’t stay there.”
As she was speaking, I felt like I heard an echo. Where have I heard this before? Then it dawned on me that I have had the same conversation countless times with people learning the practice and benefits of meditation. Almost universally, it seems, people new to meditation will get frustrated with themselves in the experience of continually finding there minds unsettled and distracted by every day details and concerns. “Why do I always do that?” they ask. Why can’t I just stay centered and focused, and stay in the peace of meditating?
Of course, part of the answer is that the whole point of meditation practices is developing the power of a trained mind; to compassionately catch our thoughts straying from the central focal point, and gently and easily bring our attention back to what we prefer. The more we do that, the stronger our option to stay centered in peacefulness gets. And, as I was considering these parallel similarities it dawned on me that experiencing our lives can be like practicing ongoing Meditation on a Grand scale: We choose what we prefer to have at the center of our internal focus each day, and when we find we’ve been drawn off that point into some stress or concern that does not serve any Good, then we take ourselves back the to intended focus of our attention. Realizing this mirror reflection between meditation and how I walk through life really has made me feel I have so much more understanding for when I get distracted, and why it need not bother me in the slightest.




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