Why Babies Are Born Helpless and the Importance of it.

I am currently interviewing people from all walks of life to discover the most potent ways to help people understand the profound importance of conceiving and birthing babies consciously, including planning for the conception and also communicating with the baby from day 1 of pregnancy.  In the process of having these rich and varied conversations with people, I have become aware that there is one aspect of these facts that people may be fascinated to know, yet, it is little known. That is the driving forces and purpose in Nature for human babies being born totally helpless for an extended period after birth.
There are two reasons for this. The first is that if a human baby’s bodily strength were given time to develop in the womb to be strong enough to even stand up right away, the brain would have outgrown the capacity to pass the mother’s pelvis in every case. This is also the purpose for and divine intelligence revealed in human babies cranium’s having soft spots. Nature knows they babies brain is still in rapid growth in structure and size. This is somewhat common knowledge, and hopefully, everyone who has an infant in their care is aware of the soft spots and being mindful of infant’s not hitting there heads, especially for this reason.
The second, little-known reason for human babies being born helpless is that it is in our nature that the structures of the brain predominantly growing after birth are those available to Optional learning patterns. And this is where it is so important that parents understand the significance of possibilities for their baby and the level of choices that are made.
Prior to birth, nature is maximizing all of the areas of the brain that will allow for good strong living that every human being needs pretty much the same. And, certainly, at every stage of brain / body development, the more secure and healthy the environment and input is the better. Prior to birth some of the structure and function of the entire brain are in place, but major maturation of what is called the forebrain and pre-frontal lobes is affected by everything after birth. It is the development of this part of the brain, which largely sets humans apart from all other life on earth. And, it is the “optional” qualities of what goes into this development that results in every person being so incredibly unique in character, how we think and what we do. Parents and primary care givers are the major players in the foundations of how all the options for the development of the forebrain turn out. By this I mean particularly how secure a person grows to feel in relationships in the world and to themselves; how fully a person’s capacity for thinking and creativity develops, etc.
Parenting is, by far, the most difficult and responsible job in the world. Especially in our world today, for these reasons, it should seriously come with a manual with this kind of information. All parents, and all people for that matter, are making the best choices they can with what they know at the time. This is not about saying that anything has been done wrong. It is about ways in which we can make the whole world a better place moving forward, by giving every baby we can the best possible start and understanding.