Expanding Consciousness and Interconnectedness of All Things

Hi Everybody,

Over the years of my learning to be a conscious co-creator of my life, with Spirit, I have come to call the activity of Love and Law manifesting as my experiences, Grace. I often affirm that where Grace is moving, it touches everything connected to it. This morning I had an experience of Grace that purely reflects the role of expanding consciousness and the interrelatedness of ALL that is. First, I will describe two “apparently separate” sets of circumstances involved, then I will describe how they came together in fascinating Demonstration.

First, Vernon and I love our home, which is an apartment in St. Matthews, where we have lived for seven years. As winter approaches each year, we often comment on the blessing of it being well insulated. Yet, each year in the deep winter, we have found ourselves consistently cold, with a “drafty” feeling that has been hard to explain.

Over the last several months, Vernon and I have had many opportunities to go through stored family belongings. Among them we had a truly lovely hand-quilted bed spread. I knew that it is from my side of the family, but more than that I did not know, such as who created it, or what the inspiration could have been for taking such obvious time and care. There are two sets of initials in the center of the quilt, but I could only guess with confidence about one and I had no clue about the other, so the story was a mystery.

The one thing I have known for certain is that the quilt is an antique of at least 60 years, but how much more we could not tell. And, the best home I know of for an antique in our world is Rev. Carolyn and Bob’s home, Esther (For those who may not know, when Carolyn and Bob purchased the home, they along with the LCSL community, named the house, Esther)

Now, last night as the rain and wind blew through, Vernon and I not only had that “drafty” feeling, but rain was dripping in around the window and on to our bed. We assessed that the calking around the sill needed to be re-sealed, and I called a work order in for it this morning.

At about the same time I called in the work order, Carolyn and I had a delightful phone conversation finalizing the decision that the quilt goes with her, and will fit in the house perfectly. Within the conversation, talked a bit about the story the quilt has to tell. I told her what I could, and then Carolyn said, “When I look at those initials and tap into the feeling of what went into it, I think of it as perhaps a wedding gift for a young couple getting married.”

As we hung up the phone it dawned on me as if I was thinking of it for the first time, that the paired initials are “KB” for my paternal grandfather, Kit Bowker, and MK for my paternal grandmother, Martha Kakack. And, I just love that the fact that it is, indeed, the initial of grandma’s maiden name confirms that it was, in fact, their wedding gift! What an incredible dawning in consciousness.
And then . . . I called Carolyn right back to tell her, and at that instant Vernon came out of our bedroom, beaming. “I figured it out,” he said. “You’re not going to believe this, but the whole time we’ve been here not one, but two of our bedroom windows have been open just a crack at the TOP of the windows. (We never realized the are windows slide, both, from the bottom up and from the top down!) It literally feels like the “knowing” of the true richness of the story of the quilt ushered in with it the significant awareness, improving our experience of our home, and saving all the energy, to boot!

Affirmation: Today I consciously dance in conscious co-creation!