A Context for Infinite Creation and Transformation

This is about how the mathematical universe / the spiritual universe / the quantum universe / the emotional universe / and the physical universe correlate and mirror each other. And how these understandings applied to conscious use of the law open up limitless potentials for co creation. All along the way, sustaining the balance of light and shadow and gain with loss is important to remember. I am coming to understand that each of these I just named as “universes” are dimensions. In addition to these dimensions, there are what we commonly

In each dimension, the law sustains reality within prescribed limits. For example, one-dimensional stick figures cannot get up and walk off a page within the limits of the dimension in which they have form. In order for the stick figure to become any more than flat on a page, the elements of the stick figure must develop the conditions which engage second and third dimension properties of the law. If the creator of the stick figure knows how to do this, either consciously or unconsciously, the stick figure can be made in Gumby or a fully three-dimensonal doll with ease.

Each time the function of law in one dimension collides with the function of law in another dimension an “event horizon” develops. This means pure potential is moving into form with ever-increasing complexity and order. (Harmon and Troward)
Examples of the collision are events like conception, or when a creature is jettisoned out of their status quo environment and thrust into an environment that operates according to a different rule of law. (the Chipmunk on the sidewalk)
When a form operating in a particular dimension is able to expand and adapt to the introduction of the new dimension, the next level of complexity and order is created and sustained. If not, the creational forces dissipate and the present opportunity is lost, only to take the next opportunity to come around again.

As a conscious co-creator, when we can recognize at what level the various aspects of a creation we desire to bring together are starting from, and we can consciously direct each aspect from the level of alignment that it will resonate with, preparing it for the expansion and greater complexity, then we can navigate the process of co-creation with awe and wonder, but less and less the bumps and bruises that can happen in any new venture along the way.

If an event horizon develops, but the entity generating the event horizon is unprepared for the loss that will occur in the process of embracing what is gained, the manifestation may fail immediately, or the manifestation may occur and then be lost again because the field for it to stabilize in was out of balance, due to the inability of the generator to integrate the loss involved.

Here is an example to remember: In the event of Masada, when the Romans initially advanced to burn down the fortress, in a moment of true spiritual manifestation of protection, the wind changed and the invaders became recipients of their own blaze. This kept Masada from being taken of a period of time, but it was not sustained. The leader of Masada knew, from both physics and spiritual knowledge, that the wind would change again, and his people must make their next best choice to prepare for that. Thus, they elected to take their own lives before God, rather than be forced into slavery by the Romans. Had the spiritual moment of the wind changing to drive the Romans down been sustained at an even greater dimension event horizon, it would not only have been that the wind had changed, but something else would have happened to drive the Romans away, permanently—in addition, the operation of law at this level would have achieved the result without need of any Romans dying, either.

Now I am at the place of taking this information and applying it to the structure and function of my brain to repair itself. It came to me long ago that the structural repair of my neurological system is at a binary level. Now I am getting that is is about revealing my original binary homeostasis, with the whole processes being directed from the spiritual dimension of the highest order, in order that the results be sustainable long-term. This would entail that all the dimensions, with their corresponding order of law, are enfolding into the total picture, encompassing everything between binary physiological and Mystical Spirit.

Yes, I totally know it is possible for this to occur without my processing it in this way. When I was ten years old I declared my choice not only to embrace healing transformation, but to know what I did to align myself with that event so that I can pass my experience of it to others seeking similar transformation. I am open to insights any of you might have

In the days immediately following the above thoughts I came into an understanding on a visceral level that within every single engagement in life, within every moment of every opportunity we are presented with choices for our continued learning and our continued crafting of quality of life. The reason world scriptures intimate “judge not and ye shall not be judged is, on a cause/effect level, because we reflect ourselves in our view of others, yes. But, at an even purer spiritual level the scripture is a dictate of Truth first because there is no judgement. There is simply the infinitely awesome experience of Being, and what we choose to make of it