The Non-Local Presence of Spirit and Experiencing a Quantum Leap

The“Snow Day” needs a paragraph of description all its own. Weeks before current day, back in the fall, our spiritual center began talking up this one-day retreat event we planned for our community. The intended feeling in calling it “snow day” was exactly how I was feeling in wanting to go within in peaceful reflection and stillness. As the weekend of the 25th drew nearer, more and more talk about Snow Day rippled through the community.

The entire day was to be shared in a single site, large enough to support all our plans. We were launching the day with breakfast together at 8:15 am. Snow began falling heavily just as everybody was waking up for the day, about 6:30 am. Now the organizer of the event had a pivotal decision to make—whether to cancel the event.

     Later that morning, in our first round of sharing after breakfast and the opening invocation almost all of the incredible number of 16 attendees openly admitted we had initially been hoping the event would be cancelled. However, already we were all glad it had worked out that we were there by that time. All of us had a story to tell about what we had to do to get through the fresh snow at that hour. At this point, one might think that the coordinator of the event would feel bad; however, as the opportunity to speak came to her, she was chuckling with some delight. She said, “Well, you guys, about 6:30 am this morning I dropped into prayer about this. I actually wasn’t sure I wanted to get out in this myself. But, when I started to take action, I just couldn’t bring myself to cancel Snow Day due to SNOW! Of course, this was just hilarious. What a delightful experience of emotionally invested affirmation taking form. And so it was that we were gathered for a phenomenal day of sacred ceremony, fun and laughter. It is, perhaps, significant to note here that if the day had not been deemed “Snow Day,” the opportunity very likely would have been cancelled in favor of everyone simply staying home to enjoy the falling snow privately.

 The next opportunity during Snow Day, we were invited to choose a stone from a large selection of stones creating a ring around the candles lit in the center of the circle. These stones were of the quality that would be found in and around a riverbed. I selected my stone based on it being neither too light nor to black, square in shape on one end and smoothly rounded on the other, with numerous scars running all through it, clearly indicating it has been around for a long time. Only after I selected the stone did I discover, additionally, that on the squared end it has one pointed, jagged edge, representing my most significant personal challenge on a soul level right now. (The details of this are not contained here, at all.) I will write about it in a separate document.)

For all of these reasons, my stone is an excellent representation of me.

     After each person had a chance to speak about what their stone represented to them and/or their intention participating in the day, we sang a simply beautiful song written by our music director, ky. The song, “In the Silence,” says this:

In the silence I sit; in the silence I wait.

In the silence I know I am free.

In the silence I sit; in the silence I wait.

In the silence I simply just be.

In the silence.

In the silence.

In the silence.

This can be sung, and we did sing it, in a round, once we all got comfortable enough with the words and the melody. It was so powerful reverberating through the room by the time we all got harmonized with it.

     Just as we finished the final refrains of the song, two cell phones rang amid the singing, back to back. It felt like spontaneity of Spirit adding exclamation points to the energy in the room, especially since it was two cell phones ringing back to back. Then, the instant the singing stopped two separate people told me Vernon called asking that I call him as soon as possible. Chills of confirmation rolled through me; I knew Mom was gone. I knew that receiving the news in that space and time was Grace of God. It was in that moment that it dawned on me this was January 25, also the day my dad died.

     Rev. Carolyn was sitting two people over from me. I went directly to her, before going out of the room with my phone telling her I was certain Mom was gone, and this was exactly the anniversary of Dad’s transition six years earlier. In addition, we would learn over the next few hours in getting the details, that it was also almost exactly the same hour of the day; Vernon’s mom passed January 25, 2014, at 7:30 her time, in Texas. My dad died January 25, 2008 at 7:01 am, his time in Las Vegas.

 This correspondence of events carries levels and layers of confirmation for me and for us that can hardly all be put into words. But, we have known it is important for now, and for moving forward to write these details. And, there is yet some more.

 Services for Mom were held Friday, six days after her passing, in the small town of Marshall, Texas, where she was raised because the Family Plot is there. Marshall is about three hours from where Mom last lived across the street from Missy. While all of the family’s early history is in Marshall, no one in the family lives there now. This being the case, the logical thing to do was for everyone coming in for the services to stay in the same motel. Thus, the LaQuinta of Marshall became the host location where our family gathered to celebrate Mom’s life.

     One might wonder why in the world the motel really matters. Almost unbelievably, as we settled into our room, I looked up in the corner where the desk to set up our computers and there in striking black and white was a picture of two river bed stones. And, I mean the stones are the only thing in this wall-size picture. The stone in the foreground of the picture definitely representative of the stone I chose and kept from the Snow Day ceremony. It was the same color and shape as mine, only lacking the scar lines running through it. The stone in back of mine, clearly energetically Vernon’s, even though he was not physically present during the ceremony because he was meant to be at home receiving the call from his sister. I stared and stared at that picture in awe of the confirmation of Grace, thinning of veils between dimensions and the reality that Space and Time are irrelevant spiritually. I waited until the next morning, when we were rested to talk with Vernon about it. He was in awe, suggesting it felt like his parents must have pushed the images into the room at some level.


The other aspect of the appearance of the stones that feels awesome is that the Tuesday after Mom passed, the night before we drove down to Texas, I held my weekly class on SynchroDestiny. That night, we discussed specifically the aspect of quantum physics that reveals that electrons can be identified in one space and then suddenly be in another space absent any energetic path indicating how they got from one location to another. Now I am working with a strengthened feeling sense for what it means to be immersed in and a part of this universal, omnipotent unified field I call God or Spirit, and what it means to function within it consciously.